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ABOUT SOLARR SOLARR is a DeFi-Integrated NFT Commerce Platform

SOLARR empowers consumers, creators, and brands with the ability to create and trade NFTs through a decentralized digital commerce platform connected to the metaverse virtual economy.

Users can leverage SOLARR’s integrated NFT-Finance tools to increase utility, unlock value, and liquify NFTs within a secure, multi-chain, and user-friendly ecosystem.

SOLARR's mission is to accelerate NFT mass-adoption with utility, accessibility, and liquidity. Ultimately, our vision is to facilitate the world’s transition into the decentralized digital economy.


SOLARR offers opportunities for brands to enter into the metaverse and build communities, delivering unique and exclusive brand experiences to customers and opening up new revenue streams with sales of digital goods.

Digital Asset Projects

SOLARR provides ISNO-as-a-Service (IaaS) as a new model for projects to issue stakeable NFTs, increase token utilities, extend token lifecycle, and engage support from the community.


SOLARR offers a one-stop multi-chain and multi-payment NFT ecosystem with tools for Creators to create digital goods, liquify NFTs, stake, and collect royalties after minting.

Digital Asset Owners

SOLARR offers a platform for discovering high-quality, curated digital goods and empowers financial utility by leveraging decentralized finance applications to unlock utility and liquidity for digital asset owners.


Bridging Web 3 with Finance and the Metaverse Virtual Economy

We are barely scratching the surface of NFT’s possibilities and full potential.

Limitations of NFT 1.0

NFTs can be likened to a digital birth certificate. It is unique, you can’t exchange it for another item, and this certificate of ownership lives on the blockchain, making it immutable. In the first iteration with NFT 1.0, we are barely scratching the surface of NFTs possibilities and full potential.

Most NFTs have limited utility, with only internal utility but lacking real-world utility and use cases outside their projects. NFTs have a singular fate for eternity and can only be owned by one person at a time. The current NFT landscape is fragmented and operationally complicated, making access for the masses difficult, cumbersome, and not to mention, expensive. All these, coupled with difficulties in price discovery, make NFTs highly illiquid, volatile, and capital inefficient.

Unveiling the next generation in NFTs

With SOLARR, we are changing all that. We are unveiling the next generation in NFTs by empowering digital asset owners, creators, and brands to increase utility, unlock value, and liquify NFTs, all within a one-stop, secure, versatile, and multi-chain ecosystem. SOLARR bridges the power of decentralization and Web 3 technologies with finance and the metaverse virtual economy.

SOLARR offers the ability to compose, customize, and embed more utilities into an NFT asset or create a new digital asset for use in the metaverse virtual economy and beyond. With SOLARR's services and tools, NFT assets are given a new lease of life by becoming interactive and dynamic, capable of taking input from users and other sources.

SOLARR also democratizes access and opens up new possibilities for ownership with various DeFi tools, leading to wider adoption. SOLARR's services facilitate price discovery, creating increased liquidity and capital efficiency for NFTs.

Expanded Utility & Composability
Interactive & Dynamic
Democratized & Humanized Access
Increased Liquidity

SOLARR's Ecosystem

SOLARR's ecosystem features a decentralized NFT-Commerce platform with integrated NFT-Fi solutions to meet the needs of the new virtual economy. Created for consumers, creators, and businesses, SOLARR is building an integrated economic infrastructure and gateway into the Metaverse virtual economy.

At the core of SOLARR's ecosystem is SOLARR Square, an NFT-Commerce Platform connecting NFT and virtual goods shoppers with creators and businesses. 

Consumers can reap the benefits of being an ecosystem member and unlock NFT liquidity, while enjoying increased choice, flexibility, convenience, and a more unique virtual shopping experience. 

Creators and businesses get to connect with new audiences and benefit from a new commercialization model by participating as a virtual economy producer.




    SOLARR's Services

    SOLARR offers a range of services that empower digital asset owners, creators, digital asset projects, and brands to increase utility, unlock value, and financialize NFTs within a secure, versatile, multi-chain ecosystem.

  • SOLARR Square

    NFT Commerce Platform

    SOLARR Square is an NFT commerce platform empowering creators, brands, and consumers with the ability to create, mint, and trade NFTs. It is the central digital commerce touchpoint within the SOLARR ecosystem.

  • SOLARR Credit

    NFT Liquidity Platform

    SOLARR Credit is a decentralized peer-to-peer NFT liquidity platform. NFT owners can gain instant access to funding in exchange for locking up their NFTs while stakers gain rewards for providing liquidity.

  • SOLARR Launchpad

    Initial Sale Platform

    SOLARR Launchpad is an initial sale platform for projects to launch new NFTs supported by strategic advice. We empower innovators and project developers with access to backers, community building, marketing, partnership network and a comprehensive platform to mint and list genesis NFTs.

  • SOLARR City

    Metaverse City

    SOLARR City is a natural extension of SOLARR Square's virtual commerce activities in an immersive metaverse environment. It allows for greater interactivity and a unique shopping experience for shoppers while giving brands greater creative opportunities to delight and engage with buyers.

  • Want to Launch an NFT?


SOLARR's Roadmap


$SLRR Token

The SOLARR ecosystem is powered by the SOLARR Token which is denominated by the token symbol $SLRR.

The SOLARR Token (SLRR), is an ERC-20 utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain at the time of issuance. SOLARR’s token can be used for staking, consumption and it can also be earned through various ways.

For detailed Tokenomics and use of proceeds, please download SOLARR's whitepaper here.



    1/ Launch ISNO - Projects are required to stake $SLRR Tokens to launch an Initial-Staking-NFT-Offering (ISNO).
    2/  Governance - Stake $SLRR Tokens for voting and submitting proposals.


    3/ Purchase exclusive NFTs - Use $SLRR as medium of exchange for purchasing exclusive NFTs.
    4/  Platform transaction fees - Enjoy discounts when paying for transaction fees using $SLRR.


    5/ User referral & evaluation referral - Earn $SLRR when you stake $SLRR or refer new users to SOLARR Credit.
    6/ $SLRR Token staking referrals - Earn $SLRR when you stake $SLRR or refer new users to SOLARR Credit.
    7/ NFT minting & transaction referral - Earn $SLRR when you mint, buy, or sell on SOLARR’s platform.

    ERC-20 Token Launch in July 2022

    Total Token Supply : 5 Billion
    Initial Circulation : 183.08 Million (3.67% of Total Supply)
    Initial Circulation Market Cap : US$ 3.3 Million

    ERC-20 Token Launch in Q2 2022

    Total Token Supply : 5 Billion
    Initial Circulation : 228.8 Million (4.58% of Total Supply)
    Initial Circulation Market Cap : US$ 4.12 Million

  • 58,800


  • 20,700


  • 10,500



  • Alex Lee

    Founder & CEO

    Over a decade of experience in investment banking, venture investing, and digital assets across exchange, brokerage, tokenization, ecosystem partnerships, and crypto-fiat gateway. Ex-Head of Strategic Initiatives & Institutional Coverage at HashKey Group, Ex-Deputy Chief of Staff to the CEO at BC Group (SEHK:0863), Advisor to digiXnode.

  • Sumsun He


    20+ years technology & management experience across investment banking, online gaming, and fintech. Ex-CTO of Coinfloor, Ex-Head of Engineering, Leadership at Rank Interactive.

  • Alan Leung


    Ex-Chief Product Officer at HashNut, experienced in digital asset advisory, tokenization & fund-raising, blockchain product management, stablecoin design, digital asset wallets, & enterprise-grade systems.

  • Vincent Chan

    Head of Services

    8+ years of hands-on experience managing and developing web systems, Android, and iOS native apps for blockchain, gaming, and listed companies.

  • Michael Kuang

    Ecosystem Analyst

    8+ years in equity trading, specializing in Chinese A Shares market, digital asset & NFT trading. Experienced in technical & fundamental analysis, mid-to-long-term sector selection strategy for US and HK markets.


  • Yvette Yung

    Lifestyle, Entertainment & Art Advisor

    Prominent Hong Kong socialite and luxury and fashion entrepreneur | Non-Executive Director of APAX Group | Founder of PLS Consultancy

  • Rowena Wan

    Philanthropic Advisor

    Founder and Chairlady of Parkville Charity Fund Limited Vice-Chairlady of Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society Kowloon

  • Sherman Yan

    Regulatory & Compliance Advisor

    Managing Partner and Head of Litigation and Dispute Resolution of ONC Lawyers Contributed to the academic work "Securities and Futures Ordinance (Cap 571): Commentary & Annotations" by Sweet & Maxwell.



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