One-Stop Decentralized Platform for Financializing NFTs Composing Utility NFTs Unlocking NFT Value
ABOUT SOLARR SOLARR is a one-stop decentralized platform for financializing NFTs

SOLARR empowers digital asset owners, creators, and brands to increase utility, unlock value, and financialize NFTs within a secure, versatile, multi-chain ecosystem with our revolutionary Initial-Staking-NFT-Offering (ISNO) Launchpad, Redeemable Pawn Portal, and NFT Marketplace. SOLARR’s vision is to accelerate the world’s transition into the decentralized digital economy.


SOLARR offers opportunities for brands to enter into the metaverse and build communities, delivering unique and exclusive brand experiences to customers and opening up new revenue streams with sales of digital goods.

Digital Asset Projects

SOLARR provides ISNO-as-a-Service (IaaS) as a new model for projects to issue stakeable NFTs, increase token utilities, extend token lifecycle, and engage support from the community.


SOLARR offers a one-stop multi-chain and multi-payment NFT ecosystem with tools for Creators to create digital goods, financialize NFTs, crowdfund, stake-to-earn, and collect royalties after minting.

Digital Asset Owners

SOLARR offers a platform for discovering high-quality, curated digital goods and empowers financial utility by leveraging decentralized finance applications to unlock utility and liquidity for digital asset owners.


Bridging Web 3 with Finance and the Metaverse Virtual Economy

We are barely scratching the surface of NFT’s possibilities and full potential.

Limitations of NFT 1.0

NFTs can be likened to a digital birth certificate. It is unique, you can’t exchange it for another item, and this certificate of ownership lives on the blockchain, making it immutable. In the first iteration with NFT 1.0, we are barely scratching the surface of NFTs possibilities and full potential.

Most NFTs have limited utility, with only internal utility but lacking real-world utility and use cases outside their projects. NFTs have a singular fate for eternity and can only be owned by one person at a time. The current NFT landscape is fragmented and operationally complicated, making access for the masses difficult, cumbersome, and not to mention, expensive. All these, coupled with difficulties in price discovery, make NFTs highly illiquid, volatile, and capital inefficient.

Unveiling the next generation in NFTs

With SOLARR, we are changing all that. We are unveiling the next generation in NFTs by empowering digital asset owners, creators, and brands to increase utility, unlock value, and financialize NFTs, all within a one-stop, secure, versatile, and multi-chain ecosystem. SOLARR bridges the power of decentralization and Web 3 technologies with finance and the metaverse virtual economy.

SOLARR offers the ability to compose, customize, and embed more utilities into an NFT asset or create a new digital asset for use in the metaverse virtual economy and beyond. With SOLARR's services and tools, NFT assets are given a new lease of life by becoming interactive and dynamic, capable of taking input from users and other sources.

SOLARR also democratizes access and opens up new possibilities for ownership with different financing options and fractionalization of assets, leading to wider adoption. SOLARR's services facilitate price discovery, creating increased liquidity and capital efficiency for NFTs.

Expanded Utility & Composability
Interactive & Dynamic
Democratized & Humanized Access
Increased Liquidity

The Solarr Ecosystem

The SOLARR Ecosystem comprises an integrated suite of service portals and protocols offering a wide range of NFT products beyond just general NFTs to include Pawn NFTs, ISNO NFTs, Basket NFTs, and more.

Participants in SOLARR’s ecosystem comprising creators, traders, pawners, investors, digital asset projects, and digital asset holders have the flexibility of composing their own NFTs or utilize SOLARR’s range of financialization tools to increase utility and unlock value from their NFTs.



    SOLARR's Services

    SOLARR offers a range of services that empower digital asset owners, creators, digital asset projects, and brands to increase utility, unlock value, and financialize NFTs within a secure, versatile, multi-chain ecosystem.

  • Staking Services

    Monetize your assets and earn passive income by receiving rewards without losing ownership of your NFT asset or collection. NFT owners can lock their assets up in return for rewards (dividends/perks) based on the annual percentage yield (APY) against the NFTs staked. Staking rewards can be dependent on the NFT asset’s capacity to generate an income stream, like royalties.

  • ISNO Launchpad

    SOLARR’s ISNO Launchpad opens up a whole new financing avenue for projects and creators. These projects and creators can finance their projects by issuing stakable NFTs and engaging the support of communities. SOLARR's ISNO Launchpad is decentralized and multi-chain, offering greater flexibility and choice to projects and creators. SOLARR Token holders who staked their tokens can gain priority access and participate in upcoming presales of these projects with the peace of mind that they have been vetted by SOLARR and have passed due diligence.

  • NFT Marketplace

    Whether you’re a brand, creator, or digital asset owner, SOLARR’s NFT Marketplace is your gateway to minting an NFT, advertising, and participating in the sale and purchase of NFTs. Designed in a humanistic style with an easy-to-use interface, SOLARR’s Marketplace provides users with comprehensive composability features and tools for minting NFTs without the need for any coding. Users can create a single NFT or a collection, and embed rules into the NFT at the point of minting, eg. incorporating royalties into an NFT. Brands also have the benefit of creating “Branded Storefronts” within the Marketplace for greater brand prominence. Buyers and collectors, on the other hand, can shop with the comfort of knowing that you are getting access to the best brands and high-quality NFTs

  • Redeemable Pawn Portal

    SOLARR’s Redeemable Pawn Portal offers collateralized lending services for NFT owners. NFT owners can put up their assets as collateral for obtaining a loan while still retaining ownership of their NFT assets. Lending terms are pre-determined using a smart contract and once agreed, funds are released to the borrower. Once the loan is paid back in full, the borrower gets to redeem their NFT asset. Should the borrower fail to pay back the loan on time, the lender will then get to keep the NFT asset.

  • Want to Launch an NFT?


SOLARR's Roadmap


$SLRR Token

The SOLARR Token is the backbone currency of the SOLARR ecosystem and is denominated by the token symbol $SLRR.



    1/ Launch Financial NFTs - Projects are required to stake $SLRR Tokens to launch an ISNO.
    2/  Governance - Stake $SLRR Tokens for voting and submitting proposals.


    3/ Purchase exclusive NFTs - $SLRR as medium of exchange for purchasing exclusive NFTs.
    4/  Platform transaction fees - Enjoy discounts when paying for transaction fees using $SLRR.


    5/ User referral & evaluation referral - Tokens for existing users to refer new users and perform evaluation.
    6/ $SLRR Token staking referrals - $SLRR stake-to-earn and Pawn Portal staking referrals.
    7/ NFT minting & transaction referral - Referral Tokens for NFT Creators, Sellers, and Buyers.

    ERC-20 Token Launch in Q2 2022

    Total Token Supply : 5 Billion
    Initial Circulation : 226 Million (4.53% of Total Supply)
    Initial Circulation Market Cap : US$ 4.08 Million

    ERC-20 Token Launch in Q2 2022

    Total Token Supply : 5 Billion
    Initial Circulation : 226 Million (4.53% of Total Supply)
    Initial Circulation Market Cap : US$ 4.08 Million

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